Rules and Regulations


These Rules and Regulations are a condensed version of the governing documents and have been adopted by the Board of Directors.

Keep them in a convenient place accessible by owners, guests and tenants.


  • Owners are responsible for the conduct of both guests and tenants. Gulf Coast Property Management is responsible for reporting any known infractions to the owner.
  • No one under the age of 18 may reside in a unit without a parent or legal guardian residing as a co-occupant.
  • Prior to arrival, non-Gulf Coast renters and guests using your unit in your absence, are required to log on to to complete the “Guest Registration” form and submit electronic payment for the $100 Guest Registration Fee. ALL owners, guests and renters are required to notify the Bayside Office within 24 hours of arrival and procure a Parking Pass.


  • The Bayside Office is open daily. All unit keys will open the office lounge area access to the restrooms or equipment for use on tennis/pickleball courts.
  • Except to access the restrooms, no one is permitted in the Bayside Office or Community Room in the Clubhouse in swimsuits or without footwear.
  • No young children are allowed to stay in the office lounge area without an accompanying adult.
  • Owners may use the Community Room for a private function by completing a reservation form found on the portal. All Community Room reservation scheduling will be managed by the Bayside Office.
  • Cleaning the Community Room after a private function is the responsibility of the owner who reserved it. This must be completed by 9AM the following day or by the next scheduled event of the same day. Any fees resulting from having to clean the community room after use will be charged to the respective owner’s account.
  • No furniture, lamps or other property may be removed from the Community Room.
  • The exercise room in the Clubhouse is accessible with the unit key. Young children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Cleaning supplies are available to clean equipment after use.


  • No signs (open house, for sale or otherwise) are permitted on the condominium property except signs posted by the Association. No lawn ornaments/art or flags, other than the flag of the United States (no larger than 36” by 60“) may be visible from the street.
  • Towels and/or clothing may not be hung outside on railings, stairways, balconies or roofs.
  • Throwing debris or stones in any of the ponds is prohibited.
  • Trash must be placed in the containers that have been provided. Owners and tenants are required to place covered recycling and trash containers at the curb no earlier than Tuesday for Wednesday morning trash collection. Owners who depart Bayside and need their barrels put out for trash day should contact the office by 5:00 Monday. Following collection, all containers must be returned to the unit garage by 7PM that day. At all other times, trash containers must be stored inside the unit’s garage.
  • No littering is permitted on the condominium property.
  • Other than sports facilities provided by the Association, other sports activities must be limited to common areas where people and property are unaffected.
  • Any movable furniture at the pools, courts, or clubhouse should be returned to its original position.


  • The fishing dock is only for the private use of residents, tenants, and their invited guests.
  • No glass containers are permitted.
  • The fishing dock has been designed and constructed without a railing. Residents, tenants, and their guests using the fishing dock and amenities do so at their own risk. Young children may use the fishing dock only under the supervision of a responsible adult.
  • Trash containers at the fishing dock are limitedto paper and cans. Fish and bait remains must be removed from the common areas.
  • Fishing on the dock is allowed from 8AM to 10PM.


  • No grills other than the existing gas grills at each pool are allowed at Bayside.
  • Gas grills and picnic areas are to be cleaned after use; grills must be turned off after use.


  • Red Bayside ID tags and key fobs have been assigned to each unit and must be carried/shown when using the amenities at Bayside. Deeded beach access through Gulf and Bay Club property is accessed by showing the entry guards the Bayside red ID tag AND the registered key fob that opens their security gates. Every person is required to have a red Bayside ID tag for entry into Gulf and Bay Club. Please walk on that property using the designated lane on the left side of the guard office.


  • The speed limit at Bayside is 10 MPH, and applies to electric bicycles as well as motorized vehicles. There are no sidewalks, so be aware of people walking in the street.
  • All motor vehicles must have a valid license plate; be registered with the office and display a parking permit provided by the office (owner’s sticker or colored tag). Vehicles without a parking permit may be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Street parking is not allowed (except for service vehicles). Effort should be made to park one vehicle inside the garage. A second vehicle may be parked in the driveway; however, no vehicle may protrude into the roadway.
  • Visitor parking spaces are for guests, not owners or renters.
  • The only motorized vehicles allowed on the property (except for service vehicles) must be licensed for road use, and operated by a licensed driver. This includes street legal golf carts, private cars, passenger vans, and ¾ ton capacity trucks or less. Owners may possess a motorcycle, but no outside storage or maintenance work is allowed. Guests and renters are not permitted to use a motorcycle on the property.
  • Boats, trailers, motor homes, recreation vehicles and pickup trucks larger than ¾ ton are not permitted on the property.
  •  No vehicle (except the Association maintenance cart) may be driven or parked on the landscaped areas of the property. Rental buggies/bicycles etc are to be stored in the garage.


  • Renters and/or guests are not permitted to have pets on the property.
  • ADA and ESA service animals are allowed and must be registered with the office prior to arrival.
  • Support animals must be on a leash and taken outside the property for walks. The designated area for doggy relief is located on the south edge of the community past the pond and near WM bins; all animal waste must be picked up and disposed of properly. Shell paths are not to be used for dog walking. The comprehensive list of Bayside rules regarding ADA and ESA service animals will be provided by Gulf Coast Property Management upon registering of said animal.
  • Other owners’ pets must conform to the “Use Restrictions” of the Declaration that allows for birds, fish, and/or one cat.


  • Courts are to be used only for tennis or pickleball and are available for the exclusive use of owners who are in residence at Bayside, their invited guests and registered renters. No wheels (bikes, scooters, skates, etc) are allowed on the courts.
  • Courts are locked and may be opened with a unit key. All players are responsible for locking the courts upon departure if no one else is playing.
  • Appropriate racquet sports apparel must be worn (men/boys must wear shirts with sleeves). Swimwear and running gear (including shoes) are prohibited. Court shoes should be worn on the court by all players.
  • Courts may be reserved for specific time periods using signup sheets posted in the office. During periods of heavy tennis or pickleball play, maximum court time will be one hour for singles and ninety minutes for doubles; one reservation permitted per day per Unit.
  • Courts are open from 8AM to 10PM daily.
  • Personal entertainment devices and cellular phones may not be used in speaker mode; earphones are allowed.
  • NO food or smoking is permitted on the courts. Beverages are allowed in non-glass containers. All trash must be removed after play.

POOLS (Florida Statute 64E-9.004 Operational Requirements)

  • Pool gates and clubhouse doors are locked and may be opened with a unit key; but they are not to be propped open. This rule is pursuant to Florida law, and failure to comply may result in the pool being closed.
  • Posted pool rules must be followed.
  • The pool areas are for the exclusive use of owners who are in residence at Bayside, their invited guests and registered renters.
  • The pool areas may not be reserved for private parties.
  • No smoking is allowed.
  • Glass containers and/or food are strictly prohibited within the gated pool area. Commercially bottled water in plastic bottles is permitted on the wet deck area (defined by FL statute as the 4’ perimeter from the water). Food is allowed only within the screened lanai area of the big pool; no food is permitted within the gated area of the small pool.
  • Swimmers must shower before entering pool; showers are provided at the pool.
  • Personal entertainment devices and cellular phones may not be used in speaker mode; earphones are allowed.
  • No large floats are allowed.    Floatation devices worn by young children (arm floats, body rings, etc.) are permitted under adult supervision.
  • Chairs and lounges may not be reserved.      Towels and personal belongings may be removed if vacant for more than 30 minutes.
  • Running and horseplay are strictly prohibited in and around the pool area.
  • Pool area fencing is not to be used for hanging towels, articles of clothing, etc.
  • Pool furniture is not to be removed from the pool area.
  • Children must be accompanied at the pool areas by a parent or responsible adult. Unsupervised children will be asked to leave the area. Children who are not potty- trained must use swim diapers.


  • No unit can be leased for a period less than seven consecutive days, with an occupancy count of no more than two adults per bedroom.
  • Prior to arrival, all renters MUST receive and agree to comply with the Bayside Rules and Regulations listed within. Noncompliance may result in fines against the owner and/or tenant. Occupancy inconsistent with the rules may result in eviction of the tenants/occupants of the condominium in addition to being fined.
  • Non Gulf-Coast Rental Guests must submit a $100 Guest Registration Fee with their Guest Application form, prior to arrival.
  • All renters MUST register at the Bayside Office upon arrival.


The condominium units and all common elements are for the exclusive use of owners who are IN RESIDENCE at Bayside, their guests and registered renters. All individuals shall act in accordance with the following provisions:

No owner, tenant, guest or other occupant shall:

  1. Use the unit for other than residential purposes. Occupancy is determined by unit size, with no more than two adults per bedroom allowed.
  2. Make any structural additions or alterations (except to non-support carrying interior partitions within the unit) to any unit, the common elements, limited common elements or to the association property.  No construction projects that create noise constituting a nuisance that is audible outside of the unit or in any adjacent unit shall be permitted between December 15 and May 1 without Board permission.
  3. Permit loud and objectionable noises or obnoxious odors to emanate from the unit, which may cause a nuisance to occupants of other units.
  4. Paint or otherwise change the appearance of any exterior wall, door, window, patio, balcony or any exterior surface; place any sunscreen, blind or awning on any balcony or exterior opening; place any draperies or curtains at the windows of any unit facing the exterior of the unit without a solid, light color liner; tint, color or otherwise treat or apply anything to any window which will adversely affect the uniform exterior appearance of the building in the opinion of the Board of Directors; plant any planting outside a unit except upon written approval by the Board of Directors; erect any exterior lights or signs; place any signs or symbols in windows; erect or attach any structures or fixtures within or on the common elements or limited common elements or Association Property; nor any of the foregoing without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.
  5. Erect, construct or maintain any wire, antennas, garbage or refuse receptacles, or other equipment or structures on the exterior of the building or on or in any of the common elements or limited common elements or Association Property, except with the written consent of the Board of Directors.
  6. Make any use of a unit which violates any laws, ordinances, or regulations of any governmental body.
  7. Fail to conform to and abide by the By-Laws and the uniform rules and regulations in regard to the use of the units, the common elements, the limited common elements or the Association Property, which may be adopted from time to time by the Board ofDirectors, or fail to allow the Board of Directors or its designated agent to enter the unit upon reasonable notice to determine compliance with the Condominium Act, this Declaration, or the By-Laws and rules and regulations of the Association.
  8. Permit or suffer anything to be done or kept in a condominium unit, the common elements the limited common elements or the Association Property which will increase insurance rates on any unit, the common elements, limited common elements or Association Property.
  9. Divide or subdivide a unit for purpose of sale or lease; however, a unit may be combined with an adjacent unit and occupied as one unit.
  10. Commit or permit any nuisance, immoral or illegal act in a unit or in or on the common elements, limited common elements or on theAssociation Property.
  11. Obstruct the common way of ingress or egress to the other units or the common elements or the Association Property.
  12. Allow anything to remain in or on the common elements, limited common elements or Association Property which would be unsightlyor hazardous.
  13. Allow any rubbish, refuse, garbage, or trash to accumulate in places other than the receptacles provided. Each unit, the common elements, the limited common elements, and Association Property shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. This includes beach furniture, toys, bicycles or other recreational equipment.
  14. Allow any fire or health hazard to exist.
  15. Enclose the entrance way or balcony except with the written consent of the Board of Directors.
  16. Make use of the common elements or the Association Property in such a manner as to abridge the equal rights of the other unit owners to their use and enjoyment.


These rules have been designed as a benefit to all Gulf and Bay Club Bayside owners, renters, and guests. It is the responsibility of everyone to comply with and to enforce the rules. That said, the managing agent, Gulf Coast Property Management, has the ultimate responsibility for fielding complaints and rule enforcement.

Formal complaints must be put in writing and emailed to [email protected] or submitted through the portal at


Person(s) committing any infraction shall be advised by the managing agent in writing to immediately cease and/or correct the infraction. A copy of the notice shall be retained on file by the managing agent. If a second notice is required, a fine may be levied pursuant to Article XIII of the By-Laws. If there is non-compliance and failure to pay fine, the matter will be turned over to the Association attorney.

Owner Portal access:
Bayside Rental Office email: [email protected]
941.349.6156 – Association Management Inquiries
941.312.4021 – Gulf and Bay Club Bayside Rental Owner Line
941.346.3499 – Gulf and Bay Rental Guest Line

Approved by the Board of Directors on September 9, 2023; amended January 18, 2024.